Sparrow Mkhonto

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  • He was employed by the department of Railways and Harbours in a depot in Cradock. He was a shop steward and the organiser of workers into progressive unionism
  • He was a leader of workers within CRAWU (Cradock workers union)
  • He was also the Chairperson of the Broad Forum (joint meeting) which was consisted of CRADORA executive and leaders of sector organisations
  • He integrated the working class struggle into the national democratic struggle
  • His vision was to work hard for the fulfilment of the liberation of the oppressed and a free South Africa
  • He saw no alternative to the struggle and to working for the unity of all classes and population group of South Africa
  • He bore no grudge against the enemies of the working class struggle and those members of the police security who physically assaulted and injured him

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