Sicelo Mhlawuli

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  • He was a progressive teacher who was a real underground struggle activist
  • He supported the democratic demands of students in Thembalabantu High School, Archie Velile Secondary School and in Bhongolethu Township Oudthsoorn
  • He worked with CRADORA underground to see to it the Bhongolethu struggle activists were empowered to establish Oudtshoon Civic Organisation, Bhongolethu Youth Association, people’s organs of power and other sector organisations
  • He was in the forefront of establishing a progressive teacher union, NUESA
  • He helped people to advance their struggle towards the establishment of a peaceful, united, non-racist, prosperous, non-sexist and democratic South Africa
  • He believed that the national democratic struggle would finally be victorious over apartheid which was a special type of colonisation

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