Matthew Goniwe

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  • He was the first Chairperson of Cradock Residents Association (CRADORA) and organiser of United Democratic Front (UDF) Eastern Cape Province
  • With some leaders of CRADORA he established the liberation associations in more than 50 areas in South Africa
  • His revolutionary leadership led to the formation of street committees, block committees and zonal / area comitees in Lingelihle
  • Cradock became the first place in South Africa to have these people’s organs of power within the context of Matthew Goniwe–Plan (MG-Plan)
  • He established underground defence unit in Cradock and in other areas
  • He taught people to be agents of change who were embodiments of the New South Africa
  • He was a transformative intellectual, progressive teacher and an ethical visionary
  • He was a strategist who linked theory and action
  • He promoted liberation education within the context of People’s Education
  • He saw democratic values, of a just society to be touchstones for building a free, non-racist,united,stable, prosperous and democratic South Africa

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