Fort Calata

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  • He was a people’s teacher who was a transformative educationist.
  • He was the first president of the Cradock Youth Association and treasurer of the Cradock Residents Association.
  • He believed that the liberation of the oppressed people (Africans, Coloureds and Indians) was long overdue.
  • He wanted drastic and radical steps adopted in the national democratic struggle to defeat apartheid in its totality.
  • He was prepared to sacrifice everything for the liberation of South Africa. He worked with Eddie Miners in mobilising the Coloureds in Cradock into the national democratic struggle.
  • He canvassed for disciplined and politically educated militant youth based upon sound individual discipline, organisational discipline and revolutionary discipline.
  • He influenced youth to be respectful of CRADORA leadership, their parents and other elderly people.
  • He encouraged out of school and in school youth to be educated as future leaders of the New South Africa.

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